ELITE INFORMATION SYSTEMS A Broadway & Seymour Company Address: 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Phone: 310-398-4900 Fax: 310-398-4966 BBS: Elite's BBS is a way for clients and support representatives to talk about current issues and to resolve problems with files and suggestions. You can connect with a standard communications program or use the Worldgroup Client/Server front-end. Note: Accounts are available to clients only. Connecting: Via Modem: 310-390-5099, 2400-28.8k Baud, 8-N-1,Ansi/Vt100 Via Internet: telnet://bbs.elite.bsis.com WWW: Information Resource for current information on Elite and related resources. Connecting: Via Internet Browser at http://www.elite.bsis.com FTP: Elite's File library is available to get files found on our BBS. Connecting: Via Internet FTP at ftp://username:password@bbs.elite.bsis.com/pub (use your username/password) Email: All Elite employees can be reached via Internet email using the syntax of first initial and lastname@elite.com. For example, if you wanted to reach John Doe at Elite the address would be "jdoe@elite.com"

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