UniDirect Contact Information UniDirect Corporation 1800 Green Hills Road Scotts Valley, CA 95066 U.S. & Canada: 1-800-755-UNIX (1-800-755-8649) or: 1-408-461-4799 International: 1-408-461-4799 or in France: 011-33-1-72-14-96-96 Monday through Friday, 6AM to 6PM PST FAX numbers: 1-408-461-5055 or in France: 011-33-1-72-14-06-50 UniFax: UniFax is a totally automated product information fax-on-demand system, Open 24hrs! Just dial UniFax 1-714-453-4755 from your fax machine and follow directions! Tech Support: support@unidirect.com Sales: sales@unidirect.com Catalog: catalog@unidirect.com Ordering Info: orders@unidirect.com Web Questions: webmaster@unidirect.com New Products: If you have products that you think should be listed & sold via UniDirect on this Website, please bother andrem@unidirect.com.

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