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Anix group Limited - AIX,RS6000,RS6000 SP,Netfinity and Oracle Consultants.

Capital Technologies Integration - Providing superior UNIX system, database and configuration management consulting services for the San Francisco Bay area and the Silicon Valley.

INA Inc. - INA Inc. provides wide area of consulting services all over USA. We specialise in Unix/NT/Database Administration, C/C++/Java/VB development and much more.

Taos - Taos Mountain Software provides expert Unix services and training to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Technology Applications, Inc. - Specializing in Solaris medium and large scale server & turnkey systems with Sybase, Oracle, or Informix, as well as host connectivity communications (X.25, SNA, TCP/IP, Token Ring).

WebValue, Inc. - Web to RDBMS integration: Oracle, Sybase back end to dynamic Web pages, search engines.

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