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Unix Hints & Hacks
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by Kirk Waingrow - Published by: QUE - ISBN: 0789719274

Why I wrote the book: I got tired of buying administration books that only discussed what Unix commands are, and how to configure programs that Unix Administrators use. I could never find a book that covered any of the following issues that administrators really need:
  • WHY use the command for administration.
  • The REASONS commands and programs are good for Unix Administrators.
  • The REPERCUSSIONS of dealing with certain issues of administration.
  • What real world EXPERIENCES Administrators deal with.
  • Dealing with VENDORS, both Sales Reps and Technical Support lines.
  • Getting a JOB as an Administrator.
  • FINDING the right administrator to back you up or take the lead.
    This book continues where all the others left off.

    Which Unix flavor does the book cover: I wrote the book to cover all general AT&T and BSD flavors of Unix. I wanted the book to apply to everyone, and to as many systems as possible. It is not specific to any one type of flavor. You won't have to go searching the internet to make things in this book work.

    Who is the book for: I wrote it for all levels of administration. The format was structured so you can take as little from the book or as much from it as you need. Beginners will gain knew insight into the capabilities of Unix. The Gurus will see it as a bible that contains the normal and not-so-normal issues they deal with on a regular basis.

    Don't believe me?

    Read some reviews that are on Amazon.com or Slashdot.org
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    Title: Unix Hints & Hacks
    Author: Kirk Waingrow
    Publisher: QUE
    ISBN: 0789719274

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