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It's Y2k time and if you want to monitor the date on every system at once here is a way you can do it.

xclocks is a quick and dirty script that will execute a xclock in a remote shell and display it back on your local workstation.

For this to work you must do a couple of things:

  • On your local workstation allow Xsessions to be opened. Depending on your level of security at your site, you can quickly allow any system with:

    % xhost +

  • Use the same user ID on all the systems you want the xclock displayed back from (DO NOT USE ROOT IF POSSIBLE). Each system will have to trust that ID. This means that you should be able to execute a REMOTE SHELL (rsh) on each remote systems.

    % rsh rocketman xclock

  • This has been tested on SUN, SGI, HP and Linux. You may have to make some minor tweaks to make it work on your system.

    The TARFILE of xclocks includes another script that will kill all of the Xclock sessions that get opened on the screen.

    This script is use at your own risk and unfortunately cannot be supported. Good Luck at midnight!

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