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Argentina Linux Users Group
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE)
Austria Linux Users Group
Berlin, Germany Linux Users Group
Binghamton University's Linux Community (BLinC)
Boston Computer Society Linux/Unix SIG
Brevard County Linux Users Group
CalLUG (UC Berkeley Linux Users Group)
Cornell Student Linux Users Group (CSLUG)
Golden Triangle Linux Users Group
Hamilton Linux Users Group
Houston Linux Users Group
Israeli Linux User List
Idaho (LUGI) Linux User Group of Idaho
Italian Linux Society
Linux PR
Linux User Groups
Linux User Groups (Sunsite)
North Colorado Linux User's Group
Ottawa Carleton Linux Users Group
PLUTO Linux User Group (Padua, Italy)
Portland Linux Users
Rochester, NY Linux User Groups
Salt Lake Linux Users Group
Santa Cruz Linux Users Group
Silicon Valley Computer Society Linux Special Interest Group
Singapore Linux User Group
South Australia (LinuxSA)
Swizerland Linux User Groups
Vienna University of Technology, Linux User Group
Victoria, Australia Linux User Groups

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