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Caldera, Inc.

Debian GNU/Linx

Delix DLD - A German distribution.

iConnect - Internet Service Provider and vendor of Debian Linux.

IKARIOS - Resells fre-software related product in Europe (especially in France)


Lasermoon - Linux FT, a POSIX-certified version of Linux.

LST - Another German distribution from Linux System Technologies.


Pacific HiTech - Sells Linux distributions and software on CD-ROMs.

Red Hat


S.u.S.E. Linux - Available as a German distribution or as an English distribution.

Trans-Ameritech Systems - The Linux Plus series of CD-ROMs.

Walnut Creek - FreeBSD and Slackware96.

Work Group Solutions/Linux Pro - Linux Pro and the Linux Encyclopedia.

Yggdrasil - Plug & Play Linux.

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