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developerWorks - IBM has put together a nice section for developing Linux Skills. - System administration resources (mostly for ISPs running Linux/Un*x) -- gathered at one site and classified for easy reference. A very comprehensive system administration site.

Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO (Linux) - This document is designed to teach the basics of setting up a firewall on a Linux based PC. Also covered is the installation and use of Proxy Servers to allow greater access to the Internet from behind a firewall.
Installing the Operating System - HP, Solaris, IRIX and Linux installation and boot-up from USAIL.
Linux DNS Howto - It describes how to set up a simple DNS name server.
Linux Tutorial - Linux in Portuguese
Linux Installation and Getting Started []
Linux Installation and Getting Started []
Shadow Password HOW-TO on Linux - This document aims to describe how to obtain, install, and configure the Linux password Shadow Suite. It also discusses obtaining, and reinstalling other software and network daemons that require access to user passwords.

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