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It all started when I was looking for a way to store my precious images and "MKISOFS" didn't support an --include-list option, and it kind of blew up from there with the help of Jason Hancock and his module.

archive2iso takes a directory tree and randomizes the files in the tree to stripe the files across several ISO files that can be archived or burned off to a CD.

The intended use is to stripe files across multiple CD/DVD randomly so if one disc is damaged all the images that were in the same directory will not be lost since files are spread across multiple disks. The actual files themselves are not split, all files remain in their original state.

An example of an intended use is where you have a series of valuable vacation photos that could span 6 CD for all your photos in your collection. archive2iso would spread them out across the 6 CD's so if 1 of the 6 cd's is lost, you only loose 1/6th of your images. Which is better than loosing all of them!

SYNTAX: ./archive2iso


The latest version:

A package that wraps the mkisofs interface to simplify the process of making CD disk images. Import an array from an INCLUDE LIST you want to create an ISO image of.
Traverse a directory tree.

V1.0 07/2007 First release.

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