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Is a powerful quick and dirty search script that will search one or several named flat files or lists quickly from a shell. Lists contain typical information you don't want to forget. Store anything you will need to search and recover quickly. address book info, commands, host information, software info, URL's, ANYTHING...

This is supported on Unix, Linux, and cygwin that has bourne shell.

Feel free to share and distribute anyone that can find this useful.

There are 4 types of lists:
ADDRESS BOOK - Any information and anyone you want store on anyone: Vendors, friends, important numbers.
ie. John Doe - Acct Mgr - Sun Micro - 818-555-1212

HOSTS -Cut/Paste Hostnames, IP's, and any other information on hosts and systems.
ie. rocket 2x3.0Ghz/2GB/36GB HDD/Linux

MISCELLANEOUS - Put anything from URL's, commands, or things to remember.
ie. freshmeat
      Moving a files with tar: tar cf - /tmp | '(cd /usr/tmp; tar xvf - )'
      Policy: No user get's root!

SOFTWARE - List software licenses and/or support numbers
ie. adobe photoshop 234567890defrgt34567 Support: 800-USA-DOBE

Usage:  get [pattern]     - Search All lists
        get -a [pattern]  - Search address book list
        get -h [pattern]  - Search hosts and Serail #'s list
        get -m [pattern]  - Search miscellaneous list
        get -s [pattern]  - Search software book

        get -la           - List address book list
        get -lh           - List hosts and Serail #'s list
        get -lm           - List miscellaneous list
        get -ls           - List software list

        get -ea           - Edit address book list
        get -eh           - Edit hosts and Serail #'s list
        get -em           - Edit miscellaneous list
        get -es           - Edit software list

        get --help        - Display help

Check out the: README
The latest version:


V1.0 08/1992 First realease.

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