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Description: id3out will output the ID3 tags on an mp3 file. Not only will it do individual files, but it will do all the files in a directory, or files listed in a file for batch processing of the id3tages.

Supported Systems: Unix, Linux, and cygwin.

Requirements: Perl and MP3::Tag

Feel free to share and distribute anyone that can find this useful.

  id3out -o -b [batchfile] -d [directory] [file.mp3]

 -b [batchfile]	 is a batch file / list the path/file.mp3
 -d [directory]	 process all mp3 files in a defined directory
 -l [file.mp3]	 process a single mp3 file in line format

 [file.mp3]	 process a single mp3 file descriptive format

Batch File Setup:

The batch file simple needs to be a list of the path/filename.mp3, for example:

/music/Rock/03 - Semi-Charmed Life.mp3
/music/Rock/07. So This Is Love.mp3
/music/Rock/08 - Scorpions - The Zoo.mp3
If the file does not exist, it is ignored. So if an M3U file is used, any line starting with "#" will be ignored as well.

# id3out "03 - Semi-Charmed Life.mp3" 
File: 03 - Semi-Charmed Life.mp3
Artist: Third Eye Blind
Title: Semi-Charmed Life
Album: Third Eye Blind
Genre: Rock/Pop

# id3out -l "03 - Semi-Charmed Life.mp3" 
Third Eye Blind	Semi-Charmed Life	Third Eye Blind	Rock/Pop	03 - Semi-Charmed Life.mp3

# id3out -b Rock.m3u  | more
Third Eye Blind	Semi-Charmed Life	Third Eye Blind	Rock/Pop	/music/Rock/03 - Semi-Charmed Life.mp3
Van Halen	So This Is Love?	Fair Warning	Hard Rock	/music/Rock/07. So This Is Love.mp3
Scorpions	The Zoo	Animal Magnetism	Hard Rock	/music/Rock/08 - Scorpions - The Zoo.mp3

Check out the: README
The latest version:


V1.0 07/2010 First realease.

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