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Description: Is a powerful quick and dirty bourne shell script to mangae your passwords that are kept inside a PGP encrypted file. you have the ability add/edit/search a password.

Supported Systems: Unix, Linux, and cygwin.

Requirements: bourne shell and gpg

Feel free to share and distribute anyone that can find this useful.

 1) Create a basic text file named "pwd" in you HOME directory filled with passwords.

    The format I like to use is:
       system/service  ID: xxxx        Pwd: xxxxx

 2) Generate a pgp key with the real name "passwd":
       gpg --gen-key

 3) Set a password that you will always use to encode/decode your "pwd" file.

 4) That's it! Run this program and your passwords will always be protected.

    NOTE: Anywhere you are asked, put in your gpg password. 5) To Safely backup, make sure to include: pwd, pget, and the .gpg directory.

Syntax: pget -ea - Edit personal password file pget [pattern] - Search All passwords

Check out the: README
The latest version:


V1.0 10/2002 First realease.

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