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Biscom Inc. - FAXCOM fax servers provide enterprise-wide fax management and messaging integration for NetWare, VINES, NT, AS/400, VAX/AXP,cc:Mail, Macintosh, Windows, UNIX (X/Motif) and many other environments.

COS, Inc. - VersaFax, fax software for UNIX computer systems. You may also have information faxed, emailed or postal mailed to you.

Faximum Software

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc - Send and receive faxes from your desktop.

SoftLinx, Inc. - Enterprise-wide network fax solution - produces Replix Fax Server software for Unix hosts, which supports both Unix and Windows clients. E-mail to fax is supported.

Traffic Software

V-Systems, Inc. - Unix and Windows fax solutions. Makers of VSI-FAX, the enterprise client/server fax software for Unix servers and Windows and Unix clients.

VersaFax - Fax Software for UNIX

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