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AGE Logic - A leading developer of desktop-to-UNIX connectivity products. AGE provides a full family of high-performance X server products for both PC and Macintosh systems.

Apple's MAE - Combine the Grace of Macintosh with the Power of UNIX

InterCon Systems Corp. - Provide cutting edge technology to corporate and consumer Macintosh and Windows users in cross-platform Internet connectivity software.

Latitude Group, Inc. - Developes cross-platform development tools and software that allow Macintosh programs to run on a variety of platforms.

MachTen - Tenon Intersystems produces a BSD UNIX and Mach implementation for Apple Macintosh computers.

PhoeniX Software Solutions, Inc. - Check out the wide array of alternative selections of TCP/IP products and X servers for conne ction to UNIX.

Xinet - Procduces products that allow network communication between UNIX machines and Macintoshes.

Zmail (UniPress Software, Inc.) - The popular NCD email-er for Unix, Windows and Mac. Consistent cross-platform interface. UniPress will NOT be undersold.

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