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DNS Networking


BIND FAQ ( - Setting up a basic DNS server for a domain. A lot of information about DNS is in this FAQ.

BIND - Name Server Operations Guide for BIND

DNS Guide - DNS concepts, principles of operation, and implementation.

DNS Registration - Templates for registering three-letter top-level domains and then some. Also has root cache file.

DNS Resources Directory - It contains Documentation (FAQs, Books, Mailing lists and Newsgroups), Server sofware (Bind and friends), Tools (h2n, dnswalk, makezones, addhost, and a bunch of other things you'll want), along with Internic registration templates and Tricks and Tips.

DNS Tips and Tricks - Generating cache file with dig; Recovering from an SOA typo; Ultrix needs primaries in host file; SLIP and BIND; What is a Lame Delegation?; Terminology: domain, zone, label; CNAMEs as RR targets; Local dummy zones; Legal characters in hostnames; Checking if a domain is registered already; Setting up a resolver; Given a choice of servers, which one is queried?

DYNDNS - A free dyndns/static dns service. / FreeDNS - Free domain registration in *

InterNIC Home Page

Intro to Internet Protocols - Section 5 - Keeping track of names and information - Steven Newton's Introduction to the Internet Protocols

ISC BIND - Is the home of the latest version of the Berkeley Internet Name Domain, and contains pointers to even more DNS Guides and tools. (ISC BIND at Vixie)

Linux DNS Howto - It describes how to set up a simple DNS name server.

Setting up basic DNS Server - This document covers setting up a Domain Name Server with authority over your domain and using a few of the more useful but less well known (hopefully this document will take care of that) features of nslookup to get information about the DNS and to work out why yours isn't working. By Craig Richmond

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