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Programming Utility Software

bitstring.tar.Z - bitstring bit-string manipulation macros for C

check.tar.Z - check a C program checker

clex.tar.Z - clex C++ lexical scanner

clst.tar.Z - clst format C source files for printing

config.tar.Z - config print details of your machine and C compiler configuration

cpg+mdep.tar.Z - cpg+mdep C source listing formatter


ctype8.tar.Z - ctype8 ISO8859 Latin 1 version of the ctype macros

cvi.tar.Z - cvi template editor for C

cxref.tar.Z - cxref cross reference C source files

dbug.tar.Z - dbug C program debugging package

echo.tar.Z - echo Merged SysV/BSD echo

edif.tar.Z - edif parser for the edif language (electronic schematics)

fep.tar.Z - fep general purpose front-end processor

fxref.tar.Z - fxref fortran cross-reference utilities

getline.tar.Z - getline get a line of near-arbitrary length from a stream.

gprolog.tar.Z - gprolog fixes and changes to C-Prolog 1.5 for SUN

hash.tar.Z - hash find perfect hashing functions

hdiff.tar.Z - hdiff source file compare program

inc-elim.tar.Z - inc-elim eliminate include statements

listc.tar.Z - listc list C source code

malloc.tar.Z - malloc memory allocator

mdbm.tar.Z - mdbm multiple key hashed data base subroutines

mytags.tar.Z - mytags Produces tags for C code

printfck.tar.Z - printfck modify C program to enable typechecking of printf() calls

proto.tar.Z - proto build ANSI style prototypes from C source code

ptoc.tar.Z - ptoc Pascal to C translator

sets.tar.Z - sets C include files to add the set type ala Pascal

sim.tar.Z - sim find similarities in C-files

style.tar.Z - style analyse C code for style

tohex.tar.Z - tohex convert UNIX a.out files to readable hex formats.

totri.tar.Z - totri converta a C program to ANSI C trigraphs

trapfile.tar.Z - trapfile trap all file opening calls in a program

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