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Unix System Administration Web Ring


If you are a Unix System Administrator or just into UNIX and have a Unix page that Unix system Administrators would find interesting, news worthy, and useful; then you are invited to join this ring. It is our hope that the site that are added to the ring will make Admins say:

  • Cool...I didn't know you could do that in UNIX.
  • This guy has no life, he is a truely Unix Guru.
  • This is great news about UNIX
  • Wow, thank God there is a web site on this non-documented program

    *** Please no Vendors or web sites that are trying to sell things to Admins ***

    If you are not familiar with Web Rings Please visit WWW.WEBRING.ORG for more information.

    NOTE: Please note that your homepage or site will not be added if it has illegal, obscene, sexually explicit, offensive or indecent material or links to such material.

    Here are some web site that are part of the
    Unix System Administration Web Ring
    [Random Site] [List]

    Fill out the following form to add your homepage or site to the queue. When you submit your application you will receive an email with your site id number. Using exactly this id number, add the necessary HTML CODE to your page(s).

    Your site will then be checked if it meets the qualifications and has the correct HTML code with your id number. If everything is ok, your site will be added to the ring and you will get another email when you have been added to the ring.

    Site URL:

    Site Title:

    Your Name:

    E-mail :


    Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.

    Description: Enter a short description of your site.

    HTML Code

    Here is the HTML code that you should add to your page(s). Please replace "_YOUR_SITE_ID_" with the id number that you will get after filling out the join form:

    <!-- Unix System Admin Web Ring Code Start -->
    <B>The Unix System Administrator Webring</B>:
    <A HREF="">[Home]</A> <A HREF="">[Next]</A> <A HREF="">[Prev]</A> <A HREF="">[Random]</A> <A HREF="">[List]</A> <P></CENTER> <!-- Unix System Admin Web Ring Code End -->

    The HTML code will look like this:

    The UNIX System Administrator Webring:
    [Home] [Next] [Prev] [Random] [List]


    If you are already a member of the Unix WebRing, you may use this form to update your site information. Please use this form if anything like your URL or email address has changed.

    Site ID:


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    The UNIX System Administration Ring made possible by
    the Webring and New Dream Network.

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