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AIX Software

Electronic Fix Distribution - FixDist provides more discrete downloads and transparently delivers all required images with just one click. It can also keep track of fixes you have already downloaded which will enable you to download smaller fix packages the next time you need one.

600dpi pk Font - 600dpi pk Font

archie-1.4.1 - Query the Archie anonymous FTP databases using Prosper

c-kermit-5A-190 - communitations software for serial and network connection

dvi - DVI file utilities

GNU - GNU tools

jdvi2kps4.0 - convert a DVI file to PostScript

lha-114a - file archiver

less - opposite of more

lynx - text browser for WWW

mh-6.8.3+-JP.2c+ - essage Handler (applied Japanese patch)

mnews - mini News Reader

mountcd - CD-ROM mount command

Mosaic-2.6-l10n+ - NCSA Mosaic for X Window (applied l10n patch)

mule - Multilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs

ncftp - Internet file transfer program

ps2eps-1.0 - converts figures in PS format into an EPS format

qpopper2.2+youbin - Qualcomm popper 2.2 with RPOP and youbin patch

sendmail.8.8.3+2.6Wbeta9 - sendmail applied WIDE patch

squid-1.0.15 - Squid Internet Object Cache

tcl - TCL/Tk(Tool Command Language)

tcsh-6.06 - C shell with file name completion and command line editing

TeX - Japanese TeX (ascii version)

unzip-5.12 - list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive

X11 - X window contrib softwares

X11R6 - X window system version 11 release 6

xanim - Player for animation(Mpeg, QuickTime support) Cinepak compress support

youbin-2.13 - client of youbin service

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