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Digital Unix Mailing Lists

Digital UNIX Managers Mailing List, Subscribe

This message is a summary of the Digital-UNIX-managers charter and rules. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe chastisement by the list maintainer and other list participants.

  • This mailing list is managed by a utility called Majordomo. You can subscribe to the list by sending a message like:
            subscribe alpha-osf-managers
    to Likewise, if you want to remove yourself from the list, send the message:
            unsubscribe alpha-osf-managers
    to the same address.

    For a complete list of Majordomo commands, use the command:


  • Send DEC Alpha AXP management queries and summaries to

  • This list is NOT moderated! Every message that is sent to the list will be passed on to every member of the list (with a few small exceptions).

  • This list is intended to be a quick-turnaround trouble shooting aid for those who administer and manage Alpha AXP systems running Digital UNIX. Its primary purpose is to provide the Digital UNIX system manager with a quick source of information for system management problems that are of a time-critical nature.

  • Answers to questions are to be mailed back to the questioner and are NOT to be sent to the entire list. The person who originally asked the question has the responsibility of summarizing the answers and sending the entire summary back to the list. When a summary is sent back to the list, it should contain the word "SUMMARY" as the first word of the "Subject" line.

  • Discussions on ANY topic are very strongly discouraged and will not normally be tolerated.

  • If it is not specifically related to Digital UNIX management, then it does NOT belong on this list. Requests for vendor recommendations are tolerated, provided that the hardware in question is something that system managers normally purchase.

  • Requests for software (free or otherwise) should be limited to software that is directly related to Digital UNIX management ONLY.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Think before you send a message! Ask yourself "is this really appropriate?" There are enough other newsgroups and mailing lists around to cover the marginal topics. Perhaps there is another forum that is more appropriate.

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