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What Is Everyone Saying

  • Priests of this misunderstood faith (Unix) will find their shrine at this site, an altar of Unix resources with that holiest of Web relics, a nifty text search engine. - Point Web Review

  • Well it is one hell of a sysadmin website! While we don't want to advertise every website on the net, this one truly is special for our user community. - Rob Kolstad (BSD, Inc.)

  • This looks mega-useful for our long-suffering Sysadmins!!
    - Rick Johnston (O'Reilly & Associates)

  • Hi, I'm very impressed by this web site. You've done a nice job of collecting gads of useful information. - Peter Galvin (SunWorld Online)

  • UGU is great I just found it today. Thanks alot, coolest thing since sliced bread
    - Dennis Griffith (BTG. inc)

  • Compliments to the chef. Especially useful is the lack of pretty pictures; I tend to use lynx to avoid the interminable garbage out there. Thanks for going to the trouble.
    - Randy Kirchhof (Pencom Administration Consultants)

  • Great Job with the page. - Terry Hoppenjans (Data General)

  • Just like to congratulate you on well kept very informative site. One which have been looking for over a year now. Keep up the good work. Thanks again...
    - Walter Rodney (SysAdmim - University of the West Indies)

  • I look forward to using this Web Page. As a harassed sys admin, I and others need all the assistance we can get, especially in days of shrinking budgets and higher demands. Maybe, we're really all messiahs. We are asked to produce miracles and when we don't, we get crucified! - Ian G Crozier (Sysadmin - CNG)

  • Kick a-- Web Site - Frank Varnavas (Sysadmin - Union Bank of Switzerland, NY Branch)

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